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Rustex also acts as a primer for a variety of other materials and can be applied over intact paintwork as well. It can even be used on damp metal or in humid conditions, and is ideal for highly corrosive industrial or marine atmospheres.

Whatever the conditions, pre-treatment with Rustex will substantially extend the rust-free life of any iron or steel surface.

Rustex functions by a complex chain of chemical reactions. Its solvents and acids first penetrate and dissolve any rust present on the metal surface, and then combine with a thin layer of sound metal, to form a stable, water-insoluble, Irontannate compound which cannot rust. This in turn is absorbed and bonded by the resins which dry and harden to form a thin but tough protective coating to which paint can adhere strongly.

Application: Brush down rusty surface, apply Rustex. Wait for chemical reaction to finish, paint over dryed surface with decorative or protection paint. Suitable for
Industrial, automotive, marine & mining areas.

Cauton: Rustex is mildly acidic and prolonged use can irritate or stain the skin. Wear gloves when decanting or applying Rustex. If Rustex is splashed in the eyes, wash with copious quantities of water and seek medical attention. If spraying, it is advisable wear goggles. Use Rustex only in well ventilate areas. Do not ingest.

Pack Size: 400g aerosol,
5 litre & 20 litre drums.

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